About Me

My name is Sandra Verhoeff, graphic designer. I earned my Bachelor of Arts with an Art Major at a private college in Michigan, USA and have been designing for more than 25 years. I began my career as a manual layout artist (before computers!!) for a commercial printing company in Abbotsford (ASM Printing); then moved onto computer graphic design with a quick-print company in Burnaby (Kwik-Kopy Printing in East Lake). This extensive background in the print industry has proved invaluable in creating economical, print-ready, press-happy files. I am very proud of my mutually respectful relationships with production and printing companies across BC. Additionally, I receive many kudos in my ability to deliver within client timeframes and within budget. The majority of my long-term clients know that I supply quality, speed, and a great price (you can have it all!).

I launched Signet Studio in October 2000, while working part-time/sometimes full-time at Thompson Rivers University where I worked my way up to senior graphic designer in the Marketing & Communications department. Since starting a family (2 beautiful boys) I have been working from home since 2007, enjoying fulfilling worklife balance as mother/designer. As the boys are in full-time school now, I am currently on-call at the University and love to help out wherever I can. The dynamic of working in a fast-paced office environment and collaborating with the talented team there allows me to keep up with new trends in the mobile/digital/design fields. Signet keeps me busy and happy all the time as well… I am never bored!

My other “hat” is an associate with Waller & Associates. This is my passion… helping Christian organizations across Canada reach their capital campaign fundraising goals. My involvement with this talented team of gentlemen is to design capital campaign logos and support documents for volunteer teams to drum up pledges for noble causes. Waller & Associates has raised over 60 million dolllars for 100s of clients nation-wide.

I absolutely love what I do… please let me know how I can help you with your design projects; your new image; or your start-up business needs. Consultation is free, and I’ll even buy you a coffee.

Sandra  |  250.572.7194  |  sandra@signetstudio.com